McDVOICE Survey: How to Enter

This website will allow you to step in the McDonald’s Customer Feedback and Survey portal. To do that, click here which will direct you to the official website. Furthermore, using this you will be able to post your feedback directly on this portal.

Procedure of McDonald’s Survey:

To start with, please follow the below listed steps which are drafted such a way that, you can easily get in McDVOICE Survey.

Enter MCD Voice

  1. Initially, visit the official website of McDVOICE
  2. It will ask you to provide the code which you will find on the receipt.
  3. Please click on the option in which it asks you to click on “If you have not printed the code on your Receipt” button.
  4. Furthermore, provide all the information accurately such as billing number, the date of purchase and invoice and some other information.
  5. After that, within some seconds, the survey will start and ask you some random questions. These questions will have multiple choice kind of options, and will ask you about your previous visit experience in the McDonald’s.
  6. If the survey prompt you to provide details of your last order and the type of order, just go for that.
  7. Your feedback should be very specific and focused on McDonald’s related services such as ambiance, cleanliness, customer support, staff behavior, your waiting time etc.
  8. Do not forget to answer all the questions with your honest comments, as this is the only purpose of conducting this kind of survey.
  9. To encourage such feedback survey, at the end of it, you will receive a verification code. This code can easily redeem during your next visit to McDonald’s to get discounted rates and may other offers.

What are the Requirements:

The entire survey will take maximum of 2 to 3 minutes; depends on how quick answers you post.

  • Basic requirement to attend such survey is either you should have smartphone with an internet access or a personal computer with again internet connection.
  • Survey Code is very important field. This can be found on receipt and should be valid and unused. Without this code you cannot submit your survey feedback.
  • It is necessary that you should be comfortable with either English or Spanish languages.

At the end of such surveys participants are offered with discount coupons, rewards and cash backs. Additionally, you get a feeling of helping to such a huge brand. You get satisfaction and positive involvement of yourself to improve the services

Also have a look on McD Voice Customer Support for any queries.

MCD voice survey

McDonald’s Survey: How to Participate?


McDonalds has its own designed customer satiscation surveys which asses information related to McDonals services. Earlier similar surveys can be attended easily. Customers only have to start filling information in such surveys and submit their feedback within 7 days of receiving such survey in their acocunt. Customer’s McDonals experience changes with time to time, so it is always advisable to participate a little earlier in such surveys to put your actual service based perspective.

During your visit to McDonals stores, you should be alert and keep observing everything around you. This way, you can make better comments on the delobarated points in the surveys. Such information may lead to genuine information post which can help McDonald for further improvements.


McDVoice Survey

McDVOICE Survey: How to Participate?

You must be concerned about the benefits of involving yourself in these surveys. Mainly, it is because after successful completion, you will earn McDVOICE validation code which will give you further rewards. Codes are always different and depends on the promotional offers and other relevant factors. To execute such survey efficiently, you must follow below explained steps before entering in McDVOICE survey.


  1. Make sure that, whenever you visit any nearest McDonalds store, don’t forget to collect the receipt. Having such McDonals receipt is a priminary requirement for such survey.
  2. Visit a official website of McDVOICE using your computer and android based mobile phones.
  3. To participate, you must be of 13 years or above.
  4. Always attend the survey in the language you are comfortable with.
  5. It is always advisable to participate in quality surveys. 5 is the maximum surveys you can participate in. Still you will have very fare chances to win rewards.
  6. Generally, such surveys keep track of your past visits to restaurant and include questions related to that in the feedback form.
  7. Always try to post your uninfluenced feedbacks and comments to enable the survey conducting agency to improve their customer services in the store.
  8. This survey takes only 3 minutes to be complete. Give your honest answers which will increase your winning possibility and furthermore you will earn cashback rewards and freebees from McDonalds including burgers.

At the end of this survey you will get a screen shot similar as posted above. You will also have an opportunity to visit McDonalds authorized website or signing to avail offers through such surveys. The validation code page looks similar to the below posted image.