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It is an online McDonald’s survey portal for getting valuable feedback from their customer.  Customer can take survey from its online survey portal from Almost all of the benchmark restaurants belief in customer satisfaction throughout all parameters like Food quality, food service, Premises etc.


For fulfilling this need of customer, they started taking survey from customer experience by asking some question to understand need of customer and they wants to know that how they can improve their service in different areas like food quality, services, communications as well.

For making interest to fill survey and give feedback, Mcdvoice plan to give voucher coupon to the customer for their valuable customer. Customer can redeem that voucher in their next visit for getting huge discount on order food from McDonald’s.

By taking online survey, McDonald’s wants to get opinion from each customer to enhance their service to the next level and pass through tough competition among all food services restaurants. This strategy of getting valuable feedback and forced customer to fill survey by giving voucher coupon is best way to escalate their service to the top-notch service provider in food chain.

Any customer can fill the survey through online portal and for this task also they will be awarded by voucher coupon code.

Reason Behind McDVOICE: –

Since 1940, McDonald’s was established in America by Richard and Maurice McDonald’s. They have expanded way more restaurant across the globe in short period of time just because of their fast and qualitative service. By expanding food chain system, they became world’s largest and vast Food servicing capital in all over the world.

They always focus on customer satisfaction through their extra ordinary Food quality and fastest service and also their best communication skill to customer. While they came to know that some customer got disappoint by their several mistake but not share their query to McDonald’s and that’s why they loosing their customer attention and return rate of customer, They have decided to take survey and feedback from each customer  for intention to know about disappointing things happen to customer, so they can improve that mistakes and by continuous improvement they became world’s best experiencing Food Store.  As well as customer they always focus on their employee’s personal growth along with company compliances.

Pre-Requisite things which you must have before filling survey

  • You must have Laptop or PC with you.
  • Internet connection for visit website
  • Printer for take out print of voucher coupon.
  • Email address so that they can send voucher code at your email address.
  • The main thing is your last purchase receipt in which survey number mentioned top side of the receipt.

Steps to Fill McDvoice Survey


  1. First of all, you have to visit its online portal mcdvoice.con .
  2. Then on this page you will be offered to choosing language. After choosing language you can proceed further.
  3. After selecting language, you will have to enter customer survey number. This number will be mention on your last purchase food order’s receipt on the top side. It shown in the above image.
  4. If you do not able to real customer satisfaction survey code on your receipt, then there is also another method to find the code. But it should need more details. Here are the steps to find customer survey code: –
    MCDVoice survey steps

    As shown in above image, you have to click on Marked arear. It will redirect to another page as shown below
    MCDVoice survey portal
    (You have to fill above details as shown in image like, Store details, KS, Time of visit, date of visit, order details, and how much amount you have spent on last visit. After clicking start you will find the customer satisfaction code which will be used for filling customer satisfactory survey.)
  5. Now after entering details you will be asked some questions related to their Food quality, Behaviour of their employee with you, servicing order time, premises, etc.
  6. You can formally fill all the questions answer. There is restriction to fill all answer, you are free to fill depends upon you. But try to fill it fairly because it is valuable feedback to McDonald’s.
  7. As soon as you complete all answers, click on submit button.
  8. At the time of completing process they will send voucher code at your email address.
  9. You can take out print of this to use it for your next visit to McDonald’s for getting free burger.

Terms and Conditions About McDVOICE: –

There are few terms and conditions which should be fulfill before entering into customer satisfactory survey which are as below: –

  • Anyone can take McDonald’s Survey up to 5 times in a month per store.
  • The voucher code you received must be used within 30 days after completing survey. There is no extension allowed strictly.
  • Customer should be belonging to USA or Canada.
  • There is minimum age requirement of 15 years old can only take survey.
  • For taking survey you can use only receipt of your last purchase which is taken within past week only. Older then week survey code will not be accepted for taking survey and not valid for getting free voucher code
  • You must not be past employee of McDonald’s
  • McDVOICE can suspend your voucher code anytime without informing you if they found any malfunctional activity for acquiring free voucher code.

Conclusion: –

As McDonald’ is largest and get the attraction spot in all customers heart. They always keep in mind that customer satisfaction will be wealth of their business and Customer satisfaction will leads their firm to next level beyond the competition. Their JIT system is also pretty good in which customer will get fresh food delivery because they did not use any frozen foods for serving faster. They have maintained good relationship with their supplier also so they can get fresh raw material on the time delivery and so they can give best Food delivery experience. They conduct customer satisfactory survey through  to do continuous improvement in their Food quality and fastest service.